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Catacombe di Priscilla
One of the oldest catacombs. Via Salaria, 430 (0686206272)

Catacombe di S. Agnese
Fourth century catacombs that go down three levels and well decorated. Via Nomentana, 349 (06 8610840).

Catacombe di S. Callisto
A huge complex of undergound passages in the Roman Church Cemetry. Via Appia Antica, 110 (06 5136725)

Catacombe di S Domitilla
Santa Domitilla is buried in these important catacombs. Via delle Sette Chiese, 280 (06 5110342).

Catacpmbe di S. Sebanstiano
The Jewish commonity cemetry. Appia Antica, 136 (06 7850350)
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