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Rome Bicycle By Bike
Bikes can be rented from:
Bike and Scooter rental (06 4815669)
Bici E Baci (06 4828443)
Rome Bus Transport

By Bus
Tickets must be stamped before you board the bus and not checked on the bus. The 110 Open is a bus service that stops at all the city's main sights, departing from Termini Station square every 20 minutes. Tickets are valid on all forms of transport. A biglietti per autobus is a ticket that gives you one metro ride and as many bus/tram rides as you can do in an hour and a quarter.

Tickets are purchased at Tabaccheria with a big 'T' sign outside, newspaper kiosks or vending machines. A "24 hour" ticket is only valid on the day you buy them. A useful bus route is the 40, from the Termini station to Castel Sant'Angelo. Night buses are often needed as the Metro closes at 23:30.
Another great way to get around the main tourists areas of Rome are the open topped tousist buses. These buses travel on a circuit stopping at the major sights in Rome and operate on a hop on hop off basis. Tickets can be purchased on board and they come with earphones so you can listen to the tour guide as you ride.

Rome Metro Transport By Metro
There are two lines that cross at Termini station. Line A (red line) runs northwest past the Vatican , and south. Line B (Blue Line) runs southwest past the Colosseum and northeast. Trains run from 5.30am - 23.30 every day and a bit later on Saturday night.
Rome Taxi By Taxi
Only use licensed taxis and be careful of private cars, a practice common at the airports and stations. Do not use any taxi where the driver approaches you first. Licenced taxis are white vehicles with a taximeter. Supplements are payable for luggage, night-time and public holidays. Taxi stands are easy to find. If you call for a taxi, the meter starts when called and so may have charges on before you start. For taxis call 063570 or 065551.
Rome Tram Transport By Tram
The Tram is useful fro the city centre with stops at the Vatican , the Colosseum, and the Trastevere area.
Walking Rome Walking
Walking is easy in the centre and large parts are closed to traffic. When crossing roads maintain a normal walking pattern when crossing roads and do dodge the traffic, the driver will be trying to avoid you and will not expect you to suddenly run!



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