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Rome may be a serious, historical showpiece by day, but at night it becomes one of Europe's most popular music and dance capitals. Live music, concerts and Dj's pump out varied styles of music to suit not only the young, trendy set, but most age groups and nationalities will be entertained as well.

Remember when in Rome...Roman's start late and finish early, early morning that is. Concerts and live bands don't kick off to about 11pm and most clubs stay open until 4am, and this goes on most nights of the week.

Rome also has a vibrant, gay nightlife, with gay clubs and pubs operating in most districts in Rome.

Testaccio is one of Rome's liveliest nighttime areas. South of Testaccio off the Via Ostiense in the area around Via Libetta are many clubs and pubs.

Here at eguide we have put together a list of some of the live venues and nightclubs in central Rome and districts however, this is just a sample there are many more.

This club attracts all types as it offers and amazing range of entertainment on weekends. The four main areas host live gigs, concerts festivals and
caberets and of course there is the Dj entertainment as well that goes long into the night. Via del Commercio (06 574 7826).

This small club is popular with all ages and nationalities and offers a range of music styles. Via Santa Maria dell Anima (06 6889 2806).

Big Mama
The place to go for Blues, with regular live performances and dining as well. Vicola San Francesco a Ripa (06 581 2551).

A small but popular Jazz venue in the Tridente district, that has live performances on most nights. Via Gregoriana (06 679 6386).

This is Rome's oldest gay bar it has a friendly atmosphere and can be packed on weekends. Via in Selci, Esquiline (06 488 1397).

La Maison
This looks like a place for the posh, but once you get past the snappy dressers and the opulence inside there is a lot of fun to be had for everyone. Beware of the picky doorman, maybe best to wear the glad rags this night. Vicolo dei Granari (06 683 3312).

La Palma
A popular Jazz club that offers good live music as well as Dj's. There is also a large outdoor courtyard and a restaurant here.Via G.Mirri, San Lorenzo (06 4359 9020).

Locanda Atlantide
This is a modest venue that caters to a mostly alternative crowd. There is a variety of styles here from dramatic theatre, concerts and Dj's.Via dei Lucani, San Lorenzo (06 4470 4540).

Micca Club
This is one of Rome's newest club venues and is located in a huge underground space near the train station. There are theme nights and international Dj's and music. Via Pietro Micca (06 8744 0079).

This is one of Rome's biggest nightclubs and can be very busy with a mix of music styles. Via di Portonaccio (06 438 5445).

This popular squat in the Ghetto has live drama performances, disco nights, art exhibitions and Dj's. Via Sant'Ambrogio (06 6813 3640).
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