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This village is as stunning as it's location is amazing. Orvieto is built on a pedestal of Volcanic rock. This Umbrian town is located 121km North of Rome. It gives the impression of monolithic city when you approach it by car, but once up the hill of rock, you will find it to be a small, charming, cosy village, with a killer view!

The train is the best way to travel to Orvieto, it takes an hour from Rome and delivers you to the base of the rock, once there you can travel up to the township on the funicular, that allows you a stunning views of the Umbrian landscape.

Orvieto is a delight to walk around at it has a perfect mix of eateries, shopping, churches, squares and hoards of wine shops, all selling the local brew, which is excellent.

The food and service here is very good, from the smaller cafes to some very good, classy restaurants. A highlight of dining here and anywhere in Umbria is the wine, bottle or carafe, cheap or expensive it doesn't matter it all tastes incredibly good.

Nearly as stunning as the town built on a rock is the incredible church in the middle of the town on a rock.

Il Duomo
This amazing cathedral is an incredible work of art and is a breath stealer when you round the corner into Piazza del Doumo. The townsfolk are very proud of their ornate church and it is immaculately kept. It's the amazing facade of this church that captivates you, the intricate details in the carvings tell lots of stories that are centuries old. Piazza del Doumo (0763 342 477).

Ostia Antica
Rome's ancient harbour 30 minutes by train from Stazione Ostiense and gives an idea of what a roman city was like. Impressive remains of the Roman settlement which used to be the military garrison for the defence of the river entrance as well as shipyard, gathering place for the Roman fleet, and provisioning centre. Ostia Antica, Viale dei Romagnoli 717 (06 56 35 80 99).

Ostia Lido
The nearest beach to Rome with boardwalk and marina.

This beautiful island is located 3 hours from Rome and is well worth the trip. There are lovely beaches and coves that are ideal for swimming and sunbathing. A great way to take in the delights of the island is to hire a small motorboat. Ponza is an idylic place to have a few drinks and enjoy some anitpasto delights while having a break from the musuem and church hopping of Rome.

An ancient town with the Temple of Fortuna that dates to the 2BC.

The Castello Caetani dominates and dates back to the 1200's.

The fortified town of Tarqunia overlooks the sea with medieval streets and the 12th Century church of Santa Maria di Castella.

An old town with the Villa d'Este with 2.000 fountains laid out on sloping gardens.Also the home of Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli is only 20km from Rome.

Villa Aldobrandini
Construction started in 1598 by Giacomo della Porta and completed 100 years later.
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