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Usually, one only orders a cappuccino with breakfast.   Although you can probably get one later on in the day, most of the locals will look at you weird.

There are many local bakery shops that offer wonderful breads, pastries and other gastronomical delights.   One of the more popular items in Rome is called “Suppli al telefono” or more simply, “suppli.”   It is a ball of rice wrapped around mozzarella and then breaded and fried.   When you bite into the cheese, the melted cheese oozes out and resembles a telephone wire.

During lunch, there is no better way to experience Italy than to go to a pizza shop.   Try and experiment outside of your comfort zone.   I had some wonderful pizza with sliced hard boiled eggs, and another with mayonnaise.

Dinner starts a little later in the evening than I’m used to.   I was standing in front of a restaurant looking at the menu and prices when the owner comes out and almost drags me in.   He sits me with another single American woman at the table.   There were several empty tables at this point, so I think he was just offering for both of us to have company that evening.   The Italians are very social people, and even more so during a meal.

After spending 2 months traveling around Europe, I was craving a cheeseburger.   I hate to admit it, but the Hard Rock Café in Rome was probably the best burger I had in Europe. 
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