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Rome attractions
The Stazione Termini is the main hub of Rome, with not only the major train lines linking to the local airports but the majority of links to Italys other major cities as well as other destinations across Europe can be found here. With many of the bus lines terminating outside the Stazione Termini, it is likely that any visit to Rome will involve some time spent in this area and it would be useful for any traveller to make themselves aware of the station.

Getting around Rome by foot isn’t that difficult and a lot of beautiful sites and local restaurants can be found by wandering aimlessly with no real purpose other than to take in the city. A good number of Rome ’s best known sights, including the National Roman Museum or The Teatro dell' O pera are within a walking distance from the Stazione Termini which would make it an ideal meeting place or reference point.

Having never travelled around Rome in a taxi, I’d be unable to recommend their use but numerous reference books and associates have said it is an expensive form of travel and if you have phoned for a taxi, the meter runs from the phone call and not the time of pick-up.

This high cost and the distinct sense of danger that you can feel when driving in Rome makes public transport seem a fairly attractive method of getting around Rome.

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