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Shopping in Italy is a real delight and most cities have everything from the top designers to the shabby chic. Rome offers a myriad of good shopping streets and areas however, be aware that it is hard to find a bargain here.

You will pay top dollar for most of your purchases with very little discounts given.

The famous shopping strips are wonderful to browse in but, the leases are so high that the costs unfortunately are passed on to the customers. Listed below are some of the top shopping streets in Rome.

Via Condotti
This is the poshest street in Rome and is easy to find as it's at the base of the Spanish Steps. Even your fullest wallet may not be enough to purchase an outfit here, but a great place to people watch.

Via Borgognona
You will see some of the best dressed Romans in this street. If you are looking for trendy and ultra expensive this is the street that will thrill you, but maybe not your credit card.

Via Cola Di Rienzo
Close to the Vatican, this is a good street to buy fashions, shoes and accessories at reasonable prices.

Via del Corso
Located near the Piazza del Popolo, this street attracts the younger, trendier set.

Via Frattina
Another upmarket shopping strip that starts at Piazza di Spagna. This area is busy but, easier to move around as it is closed to road traffic.

Via Nationale
The place to go if you are looking for anything in leather. There are other boutiques here as well but beware, it can be extremely busy and hard to get around.

Via Sistina
This strip begins at the top of the Spanish Steps and once again the shops are stylish and chic and pricey.

Via Vittorio Veneto
More classy boutiques selling high priced fashion and designer wear, but also has lots of cafes to stop, rest and revive in.

Rome Department Stores and Malls

The largest of Italy's department store chains is La Rinascente, where you can find well priced clothing, underwear, jewelry, homewares, books and gift wear. There is a branch in Piazza Colonna, Via del Corso (06 679 7691), and another at Piazza Fiume. Another popular department store chain is Coin and it also has two outlets in Rome. Via Cola di Rienzo (06 708 0020), and Piazzale Appio.

If it's designer labels you want at half the price and don't mind last seasons, then head to Discount dell'Alta Moda. You will find most of the top design labels here and is great if you have the patience to work your way through the racks to find your style and size. Via Gesu e Maria 16A (06 361 3796).

Cinecitta Due
Via Palmiro Togliatti, 2

Centro Commerciale Anagnina
Via Torre di Mezzavia, 35

Forum Termini
Termini Train Station

Le Torri
Via D Cambellotti
Rocco Casa
Via Vittore Ghiliani, 40

Piazza Talenti

Largo Boccea

Rome Markets

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