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Skip the Line: Vatican Museums Walking Tour

Vatican Museums Walking Tour

Skip the Line: Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half-Day Walking Tour

Ancient Rome and Colosseum

Vatican Museums Small-Group Tour

Vatican Museums Small-Group Tour

Capri Day Trip from Rome

Capri Day Trip from Rome

Rome Segway Tour

Rome Rome Segway Tour


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Rome attractions
Rome is one of the most amazing cities in Europe. It's famous for its amazing ancient sites, including the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. The Vatican is stunning and houses some of the finest works of art anywhere in the world, and the Sistine Chapel is another fantastic world-famous attraction. And other attractions include shopping for chic Italian clothes and accessories, eating superb food, and the chance to venture to other vibrant and beautiful sites in Italy.

When you plan your Rome sightseeing visit, it's important to note that the most famous sites attract a lot of visitors. If you want to see the Coliseum or the Vatican, then you'd be well advised to buy a ticket in advance that allows you to skip the queue - sometimes a wait for two hours or more is necessary if you just turn up.

Coach, bike and walking tours that cover anything and everything that Roman sightseeing offers - and that's a wide variety! Whether you want to see the Capuchin Monastery and catacombs, or have an expert show you around Ancient Rome, the Vatican, or early Christian Rome, then there'll be a tour for you. You can also tour the ancient delights of Rome on a Segway, the newest and hippest mode of urban transport.

Of course, you might want to see Rome's sights at your own pace. Several 'Hop on, hop off' bus routes are available, which will get you around most or all of the tourist sites that you might want to visit. The ticket will entitle you to a range of discounts at attractions, restaurants and bars around the city.

Rome city tour

If you want to do something a bit more lively and unusual, then consider enrolling into Rome's Gladiator School. You'll learn all about what life was like for the city gladiators, as well as some basic combat moves.

Evenings in Rome have as many sightseeing opportunities as the days - Roman tours are available practically all around the clock! Ghost tours are very popular, and cover the city's history as well as some of its eternal residents. 'Rome by night' tours may have fewer thrills, but cover the lights, nightlife and sights of this 24 hour city.

You'll want to stop for some food in between Roman tours, however. Italy is one of the best places to eat in the world, and there are tours for people who want to learn about Roman food, as well as trying some of the finest produce the city has to offer. Cooking classes are immensely popular, and you'll learn to rustle up smart but informal city classics, like fried squid and salads. Or, you might want to simply taste food - or some fantastic local wines.

Rome travel

here are numerous opportunities to travel outside the city, both on day trips and on excursions that will require at least one overnight stay. If you're interested in Italian art treasures, then trips to Venice, Florence and Pisa are all readily available. Excursions that visit the lively city of Naples and the preserved city of Pompeii are always extremely popular. You may also want to visit the Italian seaside, in which case you should head to the Amalfi Coast or Capri. Or, if you don't want to travel too far, you can take a day trip to Hadrian's villa.

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